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Terms Of Use

Clients of Stand in Sam acknowledge they understand the following terms and conditions.


The Nautilus and Black Eyed Susan’s is not affiliated with Stand in Sam in any way.


Hiring Stand in Sam does not guarantee a reservation or a reservation time, we will do our best to secure your requested reservation. If I am not able to secure your exact time we I will attempt to book a reservation 30 minutes before or after the requested time.  


The Nautilus and Black Eyed Susan’s have private events from time to time, sometimes last minute. Stand in Sam clients should be aware of this fact when booking his services. If a reservation cannot be made for the within the time and date agreed upon, your money will be completely refunded.


Reservations are fixed, and changes to reservation times or group size cannot be accommodated under any circumstances


If you fail to show up to your reservation and fail to inform Stand In Sam of your inability to keep your reservation, you will be unable to use the services of Stand in Sam in the future.


Groups that have not shown up 15 minutes after their reservation time can expect their reservation to be cancelled


Groups that decrease in size may be moved from a table to the Chef's bar at the Nautilus


Typical table turn times at The Nautilus are as follows

      Groups of 2 = 1.5hrs

      Groups of 3-4 = 1 hour 45 minutes

      Groups of 5-7 = 2 hours

      Groups of 8 or more = 2 hours 15 minutes


The Nautilus reserves the right to request the table back if you are seated for significantly longer then the above times, from the start of your listed reservation (not when you arrive)

Stand in Sam

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